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111-web.jpgMake your mark on our kids’ future

Think of all the inspirational changes in medicine you’ve seen happen from when you were a child to today. From leukaemia to polio to spina bifida, medical research has transformed the course of so many diseases that used to plague childhoods. Now, imagine how much more is possible.

What we do now in medical research will change the lives of generations to come. You can be part of creating a future free from childhood disease and disadvantage, where treatments are personalised and preventative. Where all babies grow up strong and every kid gets a fair go to live their best life – one full of kids who are vibrant and healthy, both mentally and physically.

With a gift in your Will to Telethon Kids Institute, you can make your mark on our children’s future. A future that will be possible because people today like you cared for kids and believed in a better tomorrow.

Please consider joining us by remembering Telethon Kids Institute – and the children of tomorrow – in your Will.


The research being conducted at Telethon Kids improves the lives of all children, and that's why I'm very happy to give to Telethon Kids Institute in my Will. I can easily see where the value is - children are our future. It can sound glib, but it's true.

Professor Harvey Coates AO

A picture of Professor Harvey Coates AO

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Everyone who includes a gift to Telethon Kids Institute in their Will is welcomed into our Fiona Stanley Circle, which is named in honour of Telethon Kids’ Founding Director. Members of the Circle share Fiona’s optimism, vision, and decision that a healthier future for children will be part of their own personal legacy.

With our gratitude, you will be kept informed with the latest scientific discoveries, invited to special events, get to know our leading researchers, and see first-hand how your philanthropic gift helps children.

How to get started:

  1. Choose the family, friends, and causes you would like to remember in your Will.
  2. Chat with your loved ones and share you wishes with them.
  3. Select the gift you would like to include to your favourite causes:
    • A percentage of your estate
    • The residual of your estate, after your loved ones are provided for
    • A specific amount of money or asset

If you choose to include Telethon Kids, you may wish to use this wording:

“I give [insert your gift] to Telethon Kids Institute of 15 Hospital Avenue, Nedlands, Western Australia ABN 86 009 278 755, to be applied for unrestricted general charitable purposes. In respect of such legacy, I direct that the receipt of a duly authorised officer shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

Because health priorities change over time, we encourage you to consider making your gift to Telethon Kids “unrestricted” to address the most pressing health issues of the day. Alternatively of course, you are most welcome to direct your gift to area of research close to your heart. Please contact us so that we may ensure your wishes are carried out.

  1. Visit a solicitor to have your Will written or updated.

The Institute does have legal partners who offer a free Will service for those who include a gift to the Institute. Please contact for more information.

  1. Please let us know so we can thank you. We would love to welcome you into the Fiona Stanley Circle and keep you in touch with the research that matter most to you.

Please get in touch with Astral Mansfield, Development Services Manager / 08 6319 1222

Download our “Giving in Your Will” guide

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We would love for you to get in touch anytime for a confidential discussion. We can help with:

  • Discussing your wishes and ideas
  • Advice on how to start planning a gift in your Will
  • Arranging for you to visit or get to know the Institute and learn more about our work
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