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Every dollar donated supports research to make kids' lives better.

Telethon Kids has hundreds of active research projects in areas like childhood cancer, mental health, infectious diseases, autism, asthma, diabetes, rare diseases, and more.

Here are just a few examples of what Telethon Kids Institute is working on right now, thanks to support from our community and people like you.

Curing childhood cancer

Childhood cancer remains the #1 killer of children by disease and too often the children who do survive suffer from debilitating and long-lasting side effects. The Telethon Kids Cancer Centre is on the forefront of unlocking new, better treatments like immunotherapy.


Stopping infectious diseases

Infectious diseases like the flu, meningococcal, Group A Strep, and otitis media (ear infections) are serious threats. The Wesfarmers Centre of Infectious Diseases and Vaccines at Telethon Kids is discovering new ways to eliminate these infectious diseases in our kids.


Unlocking the potential of kids with autism

When a child is developing a little differently, early intervention can make all the difference. The first of its kind in Australia, Telethon Kids' research-into-practice clinic CliniKids is providing world-leading therapies to kids with autism and development delays so that every child can shine and reach their potential, without disability.


Ensuring every child has healthy lungs for life

One million children in Australia suffer from chronic or severe respiratory diseases and it is a top reason children are admitted to hospital. The Wal-yan Respiratory Research Centre at Telethon Kids is working to prevent asthma, add years to the lives of children with cystic fibrosis, and help all kids have healthy lungs for life.